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About me

Hi. I'm Simon Nottage.

Ever since I held my first SLR in my early teenage years, and experienced the anticipation of viewing my images in print, back from the processors,  I knew that landscape photography was my 'reason d'etre'.

I relish the task of capturing that elusive landscape. The perfect framing,  striving to capture the subtle balance of light and shade. Always trying (and sometimes achieving) to photograph a composition that encompasses the essence of the views around me. I like to think that, in my own way, I'm painting with light!

They say that every picture tells a story - I hope that you also find that some of my images do just that. A good photograph deserves to be celebrated, not left to languish on your hard drive or in an album at the back of a dusty cupboard. Take as much time as you want and explore the varied and eclectic galleries of images shot around these beautiful isles of ours. Hopefully you will fall in love with something special that you can't live without!

Let me know which image you want (and your preferred size) and I will be happy to giclee print an archival limited edition print for you to enjoy for a long time to come.

Simon Nottage      2017